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East Asian Art

Research aid for students in Dr. Miller's courses at Southwestern University

Checklist for evaluating information on the Web

Questions to ask about the site's author

  • Can you identify the author of the site (either an individual or an organization)?
  • Is the author an expert on this topic?
  • Is the author's primary purpose to provide scholarly information?
  • Is the author's primary purpose to sell a product or service?
  • Is the author's point of view unbiased?
  • Where does the site come form? Look at the URL - is it .edu for an educational site, .gov for government, .com for commercial, etc?

Questions to ask about the site's content

  • Are there any obvious errors or misinformation?
  • Does the information appear to be accurate?
  • Can the information be verified through another source?
  • Is the information current? (Is there a date for the last update on the page?)
  • Is the information scholarly in nature? Is documentation provided?
  • Are the links useful?
  • Are the links active?

Questions to ask about how the site is organized

  • Is there a table of contents?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Do the graphics enhance or interfere with the usefulness of the site?

East Asian art museum exhibits and online resources

The following museums have large East Asian art collections as well as considerable online content and exhibits that reflect the museum's holdings.

Art of Asia Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Asian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago   

Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas       

Freer and Sackler Museum of Asian Art at the Smithsonian

Japanese National Museum                        

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Asian Art Collections

San Antonio Museum of Art Asian Collection

Heaven and Earth Glowing Red (detail), 1964. Fu Baoshi (Chinese, 1904-1965) Courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art

The following are links to various East Asian art projects and resources online.

Getty Conservation Institute Wall Paintings at Mogao Grottoes project

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - East Asia

International Dunhuang Project: The Silk Road Online