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Saving, Printing, & Organizing articles in EBSCO Databases:

In our EBSCO Databases like Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and many others, use the Tools Menu on the right hand side of the screen to get the content out of the database. You can email the article to yourself, add it to a folder, or save it to your computer or your flash drive.

Email: From the article or article record page, click Email and enter your email address when prompted. You'll get a persistent link or "permalink" to the article sent to you. 

To save the full text of an article when PDF full text is available: Select the link for PDF full text in the article (located on the left). In the PDF full text article, use your mouse's right button to select "Save as" to save the PDF OR use the print button that will appear at the bottom of the article. 

To save the full text of an article when HTML full text is available: In the article, click the "Save" option in the tools menu on the right. A box will pop up in the center of your screen; be sure "HTML Full text" is selected. Click the yellow Save button. From the next screen, use your browser to save the page (in Internet Explorer, select File-Save as; in Firefox, select File-Save file as; in Chrome, right click and select Save as). This will save the complete HTML file to your computer. 

"Add to folder": This option allows you to add articles from any EBSCO database to a holding folder. You can create a free My EBSCOhost account, which will allow you to sign in from any computer.

Without an account, you can still use the folder for your session, but if you close your browser you'll lose all saved articles. A librarian can help you set up an EBSCO folder account if you need help.

Save articles to your Google Drive: First, log into your SU Google Drive. Then click the Drive icon next to an article to send a PDF of the full text (if available) to your Google Drive account.