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The Research Hub

For 2022-23 AES and FYS Courses and a great starting point for anyone's research.

What are Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Publications?


  • Inform and/or entertain the general public.
  • Written in plain language.
  • Magazines like Time or Rolling Stone; or newspapers like the L.A. Times.


  • Disseminate research and academic discussion among professionals in a discipline.  
  • Journals such as Journal of Applied Communication Research or Nature.
  • Usually peer-reviewed or refereed.


  • Allows practitioners in specific industries to share market and production information that improves their businesses.‚Äč
  • Specialized content for groups of professionals like economists, librarians, carpenters, or designers, for example.

Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Publications - how to tell which is which

What's in them?

Who writes them?

What do they look like?

Who reads them?

What are their advantages?

What are their disadvantages?


(This chart courtesy of Loyola Marymount University William H. Hannon Library and is used with permission.)