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History of East Asia: Start Here

Start exploring here

Credo is an academic alternative to Wikipedia and is perfect for background research or helping to formulate your topic. It includes topic pages with mind maps (examples: History of China and Taoism) and specialized entries from several encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference sources (example: Japan from World Politics Since 1945, Ming Dynasty from Encyclopedia of the Medieval World (600 - 1450), or Forbidden City from Key Buildings from Prehistory to the Present).

Where to Find Scholarly Articles

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for finding scholarly journal articles for this class. Browse our full selection of Databases A-Z.

Books & eBooks at Smith Library Center

Searching for Information

Think about keywords related to the East Asian history topic you're interested in- maybe a specific geographical region, time period or dynasty, or aspect (cultural, philosophical, demographic)- to start your search in the library's catalog, WorldCat@SU. Try different combinations, and be aware of spellings. Two systems of Romanization exist for Chinese: here is a Pinyin vs Wade Giles chart that may help. 

When you find a relevant resource, click 'Description'. Try exploring the subject links to lead to more resources on the topic. Also browse the shelf nearby for related titles: either in person or online using 'Browse the Shelf' feature.

Ask your librarian for other advanced search tips/strategies!

Try some of these subject headings in WorldCat:

East Asia History | East Asia Civilization | China Court and courtiers | Qing Dynasty (China) | History & Archaeology | China History | Japan History | Japan History Tokugawa period 1600-1868 | Chinese literature | China Politics and government | Korea History | Korea (South) History | China social life and customs | Asia History | China History Ming dynasty, 1368-1644 | Emperors Japan Biography | Korea Civilization 1392-1910. | World War 1935-1945 Japan

Other Helpful InfoGuides


Check these databases for streaming film segments and for art images. Note that for ArtStor, you MUST sign up for your free account from on campus. Thereafter, you can log in from off campus.