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New York Times: NYT Online

Welcome to the New York Times online

Smith Library Center is pleased to announce access to the New York Times daily newspaper on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Get the news each day along with other digital-only content via the web or the NYT app.  All you need is your Southwestern University email address to register and get your Pass!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Pass to read The New York Times online?

The New York Times requires a paid subscription for full access to its website and to the NYT mobile apps.  Site visitors not connected to a pass may only read up to 10 free articles per month. The Pass gives unlimited access to all content on the site, except for a certain time period in their archive.  If you are asked to pay for anything, DO NOT DO IT.  Contact Amy Anderson at

What are the restrictions on that archive period?

At this time, access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to 5 articles per day.

Why does a Pass only last 364 days?

Our subscription to this service is paid on a yearly basis.  Because of that, the New York Times chose to limit subscribers’ access in this fashion.

Should I cancel my existing subscription to make use of the site license access?

You should evaluate the features available with your current subscription. If you subscribe to the print edition, you also have unlimited digital access.  If you need access to more than 5 articles per day from 1923 to 1980, your existing subscription will let you have those.  If you decide to cancel your existing digital subscription, that subscription will not be stopped until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I access The Times off-campus?

Yes, as long as you have an activated pass/account. 

Can I access the Times from my mobile device?

Yes. There are mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 7+ and Android-powered phones; and for iPad, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 desktop and tablet, and Android-powered tablets.

Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?

This may be because your browser may clear its web cache/history if it is set to do so. In such cases you will need to log back into to

Do alumni have access?

No, only current students, faculty and staff are entitled to activate a Group Pass.

Are there other New York Times resources available on campus?

Several databases also provide full-text articles from the NYT, and we have microfilm copies of all of the print issues from September 1871-December 2016.

Using The New York Times Academic Site License--Activating Your Group Pass




Step 1: Click this link: New York Times Registration. YOU MUST BE ON CAMPUS to set up your account.


Step 2: Search for and select Southwestern University. You will be redirected to the NYT registration page.


Step 3: Click "Create Account" and complete the fields. You must use your Southwestern University email address. (See below if you have an existing NYT account.)


Step 4: Click on the "Sign Up" button.  You now have a Pass that lasts for 364 days!  


Step 5: After this expires, you will need to login again once each year WHILE ON CAMPUS and get another 364 day pass.



Follow Steps 1 and 2 as above, but if you have previously registered your SU email address on The New York Times site, you will need to click "Log in here" below the "Create Account" button for Step 3.



Anyone with a paid account using their SU email address who wants to switch over must EITHER first deactivate/cancel their subscription; or change the email address associated with it.  That will "free up" the SU email address so that it can be used for our campus-wide subscription. After making this change, you should wait an hour or two before trying to set up your SU account.


To cancel an existing PAID subscription, contact New York Times Customer Care at: or 800-591-9233


Once your SU email address is available by canceling or deactvating your account (which may take a while!), you should follow Steps 1 and 2 above, but instead of clicking "Create Account" click the link labeled "Already have an account?  Log in here" and login with your SU email address.


If you removed your SU email completely from the account and replaced it with a different email, you should follow Steps 1-4.



After your account is activated, you can go directly to the New York Times Homepage ( and login from anywhere in the world.  And remember, even on campus you must be logged in to take advantage of this subscription.


  • NYTimes App

  • Full daily NYT content

  • Archive (dating back to 1851)

  • NYT Cooking app (17K recipes that you may save and access across platforms - iOS only)

  • NYT Virtual Reality app - which allows you (with a VR viewer) to experience some NYT content in 3D

  • Daily 360 content - two dimensional, but provides 360° views (with mobile device or using a mouse)

  • Podcasts (including new "Daily" podcast)

  • Video content

  • Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)

Not Included:

  • Premium crossword puzzle app (we know…boo!)

  • Unlimited access to some historical articles--a limit of 5 per day is imposed on those between 1923-1980.



Questions or Problems?

Contact Amy Anderson: