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Finding News Sources: Home


This LibGuide is designed to help you find and assess news sources, including newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other forms of news media.

This guide will also provide information on ways to evaluate and use news sources in your research. As always, feel free to ask a librarian for assistance,

Get Started Finding News Sources

You can search for newspapers and magazines on Worldcat@SU by going to the Online Journals and Newspapers page. To learn more about searching on this page, go here

There are a number of online resources to help you get started finding news sources. 

Remember that not all news sources you find online will be full access. Always check the library catalog for full-text news sources available in print or online via databases. 

The following sites contain comprehensive lists of news sources to help you get started in your search.

University of Texas News and Newspapers - A thorough list of major, and minor, news sources in Texas, the U.S., and worldwide. Sources that are denoted with a "UT" are only accessible to UT students. 

Internet Public Library Newspaper and Magazine Index - Contains listings of newspapers broken down by geographic location. - Lets you search for news sources by geographic region.

Today's Front Page, hosted by Newseum - The Newseum museum in Washington D.C. hosts a site that displays front pages from around the U.S. The site is updated daily and contains a searchable archive.

Off Campus Access

If you are off campus, clicking on links in this guide to databases that are licensed by the library for access by SU faculty, students, and staff will prompt you to log in using your SUID and password. Once you've logged in, you should remain authenticated for the duration of that browser session and be able to access additional library subscription sources without interruption.

Major News Organizations

The following news organizations cover international and national news with a mixture of media types, including print, blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc.




Google News - aggregates news sources from around the world