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Chemistry: Subject Guide: Databases, Journals, and Articles


Chemistry & other relevant databases Smith Library subscribes to:


The following major chemistry journals are included in the American Chemical Society journals database, as well as many of the other databases at the SLC.


Accounts of Chemical Research

Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry

Bioconjugate Chemistry


Chemical Research in Toxicology

Chemical Reviews

Chemistry of Materials

Crystal Growth & Design

Energy and Fuels

Environmental Science & Technology

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data

Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences

Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Journal of Natural Products

Journal of Organic Chemistry

Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Langmuir, Macromolecules

Organic Letters


Organic Process Research & Development

And many more. For a full list of current ACS publications, go here.