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Psychology: Research Methods (PSY33-214)|

Spring 2021

Using the PsycINFO Thesaurus

One of the best features on PsycINFO is its searchable Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms. PsycINFO uses the terms in this thesaurus for its subject designations. If you get stuck in a search, using the thesaurus can help you brainstorm other keywords and help you find better results.

You can find the thesaurus at the very top toolbar on the left side of the page:

Make sure you use the second search box. The top search box searches for articles, not terms in the thesaurus. You can also browse terms in alphabetical order below the search box.

When you look up a term it will be at the top of the results list if it does appear in the Thesaurus. Under the term the thesearus will suggest other terms that may be relevant to your search. If the search that you enter does not appear in the thesaurus, it will suggest the closest terms that it can find which may be relevant.