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Psychology: Research Methods (PSY33-214)|

Spring 2021

How to Limit Your PsycINFO Search

Limiting your search can save time and help you find all the literature on a certain topic. On the page, look below the search boxes and search options to the "Limit your results" section.

1. Smith Library Holdings: Check this box when you want to search only what our library subscribes to. This will guarentee results full-text in PDF form or print. This is a default setting.

2. Full Text: Check this box to search only full-text articles in PDF or HTML format.

3. Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals: Check this box when you need only scholarly articles. PsychINFO does not carry popular publications like Psychology Today. However, it does have many types of publications beyond peer-reviewed journals. So if you just want journal articles, this a good limiter to use.

4. Publication Type: To limit your results to a certain type of publication – journal, magazine, book, book chapter etc. – use this box.

5. Language: You can use this box to limit your search to a particular language. The default is English.


6. Age Groups: Limit your results to the age of participants in a research study (applies only to humans).

7. Population Group: Limit by the group of participants in a study (human, animals, male, female, transgender etc.), that focuses on new research.

8. Document Type: This limiter allows you to choose a type of document, such as books, book reviews, or abstracts.

9. Methodology: You can limit your search to the type of methodology used in a research study. This option also includes a limiter for finding literature reviews:

Then using the search boxes at the top you can put in your search terms  to find existing published literature reviews.

For definition of the APA methodology field values click here.