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Spa Day at SLC: Schedule and Info

Information about, and from, Spa Day at the library.


DATE: Thursday, March 3, 2022.

TIME: 3pm to 5pm

WHERE: SLC 2nd Floor

This is a come-and-go event.

There will be multiple stations for crafts, how-to's, meditation, chair yoga, planners, and more!

Raffle prizes! Swag bags for the first 50 participants.

All students are welcome. If you attend 1 library mini session and 2 other stations, you can get a free 5-minute chair massage from a professional massage therapist! 

Get a sticker card at the Check-In station. First 50 students. 

Info From Library Mini Workshops

Online sharing platforms (Alex)


Click the map to see a larger version.

Scheduled Activities

Library Mini Workshops (~10 mins each)

SLC 202/204

  • 3:10pm Save your research with Ebsco Folder, Jstor Workspace & Google Drive. (Theresa Zelasko)
  • 3:25pm Online Sharing Platforms (Alex Riggs)
  • 3:35pm Finding images without copyright infringement (Katherine Hooker)
  • 3:50 pm Google Scholar: pros & cons (Theresa Zelasko
  • 4:00pm Online Sharing Platforms (Alex Riggs)
  • 4:15pm Save your research with Ebsco Folder, Jstor Workspace & Google Drive. (Theresa Zelasko)
  • 4:25pm Google Scholar: pros & cons Theresa Zelasko
  • 4:35pm Finding Images without copyright infringement (Katherine Hooker)
  • 4:45pm Online Sharing Platforms (Alex Riggs)

Come and Go Activities


Planners. Bring your planner and organize it using pens, stickers, and more. 

Craft Station. Make origami lotus flowers, hearts, and crabs. 

SU Makerspace Studios. 3D Print an SU logo. 

SU Health Educators. Get self-care swag and information from the experts.


Chair Yoga. Dr Vanessa Miken leads you through various yoga poses. (3pm to 4pm only)

Tranquility Room. Enter this quiet space to relax and reflect.

Kinetic Room. Relax by playing!

Intention Setting Station. Set your intentions while you create with Mosaic.


Library Mini Sessions. Learn tips & tricks in just 10 minutes.

Debby Ellis Writing Center. Learn about writing and citing your work.

Peer Mentors. Snacks! Study skills tips for midterms. 


Massage Therapy!

A licensed professional massage therapist will be on hand from 3:15pm to 6:15pm to provide mini-massages and chair massage to students who attend one (1) library mini-session and two (2) other stations at Spa Day. She'll be located in SLC 224, next to the Tranquility Room.

Be sure to pick up a sticker card from the Check In table to get your free mini massage. 

Campus Presenters

More info about Mindfulness