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Religion: Subject Guide: Start Here

Resources for your religion research in the Smith Library Center and on the Web.


Exploring details about world religions? Seeking insights into non-Christian religious movements? Interested in background information on religions in the Middle East? Discover answers to these inquiries by consulting the resources provided on the following pages. Should you have more questions, feel free to reach out to the librarians who are eager to help you find the information you seek.

A note about spelling: When performing research in religious studies, there are often many variant spellings for the same term (especially in Asian religions, such as Tao versus Dao). It can be helpful to try out multiple spellings if you are having trouble finding information.

Books covering religion, culture, and the history of religion can be found in several areas of the library. If you want to browse the shelves, here are the breakdowns by Dewey Decimal numbers and location.

Second Floor of the SLC 

  • 200: Religion
    • ​210: Philosophy and Theory of Religion
    • 220-280: Christianity
    • 290: World Religions:
      • 292: Classical Mythology
      • 296: Judaism
      • 297: Islam
  • ​​305.42: Social Role of Women
  • 392: Customs of Life and Death
  • 398: Folklore

Third Floor of the SLC

  • 970: Native Americans & History of North America