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FYS Barrel of Crude: Oil in American Life: Start Here

Dr. Joe Hower, History department

Where to Find Scholarly Sources

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class. You can learn more about databases on the Research Hub's Databases tab.

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Searching for Information

Think about keywords related to your topic in general, or a specific context, material, or focus, to start your search in the library's catalog, WorldCat@SUWhen you find a good item, try the subject links to lead to more resources on the topic. Also browse the shelf nearby for related titles. Ask your librarian for advanced search tips!

Try some of these subject headings in WorldCat:

Oil Wells | Petroleum industry and trade | Oil spills | Economic history | Ecology | Oil fields | Gas wells Petroleum industry and trade- Government policy | Petroleum products | Petroleum- economic aspects | Petroleum industry and trade- Social aspects