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Digital Projects

A guide to support creating interactive, collaborative timeline projects for class projects at Southwestern University.

Group Editing

For collaborative timelines. Simply enter the timeline URL in a browser, then type your name and the given 'secret word' in the box in the lower left hand corner. You can then add stories to the timeline. You cannot edit other peoples' stories or the settings and your entries will be identified as your own.

Timeline Examples

Some local examples:

Other examples. Note the different styles- 3D, 2D, 2D with categories or spans. Tiki-toki is very customizable and you have a lot of control over how it looks. You can modify easily so playing around with different formats is easy.

Image Use Guidelines

Fair Use Evaluator a helpful tool which can provide guidance, if not actual legal advice!

Always be sure to be cautious about image use. Use due diligence to determine whether or not you have the right to reuse the image. Increasingly, there are sources for finding images that come with explicit permission for different levels of use- from creative remixing only to attribution required to full free use for any purpose. Try searching these:

If you cannot secure permission to use your image, consider just linking out to it on Tiki-Toki.