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SU Creator Kits: Start Here

Learn all about our Creator Kits, what each one includes, and the policies for each kit.

Creator Kit FAQ's

What is a Creator Kit?

 Each creator kit bag contains materials for a different activity. 

Each creator kit comes with the basic equipment you need to begin the activity. Inside each kit is a guide that lists each piece of equipment in the kit, along with QR codes that lead to beginner videos to help get you started. However, supplies do not come with every creator kit and will need to be purchased separately. If you have any questions about supplies, please email our librarian Emily:

How long can you check out a Creator Kit for?

A creator kit can be checked out for 7 days.

Where are the Creator Kits?

 Creator Kits are located near or behind the InfoDesk  - Just ask for help.

Do I have to know how to use the equipment before I check it out?

No! You do not have to have any prior knowledge or expertise to check out a Creator Kit. They are created with beginners in mind. Each kit has an infographic that outlines all the materials included. However, the sewing machine does require a training and release form to be completed prior to checkout.

What happens if a part is broken or missing?

The Creator Kits will be inspected upon each return. If parts are missing or broken, the patron responsible will be charged the replacement amount for the parts. 

Can I check out any of the kits?

Some Creator Kits that include AV or digital equipment require faculty supervision. See the list on this guide.

Sewing Machine: Start Here

Important Information about the Sewing Machine:

Before you check out the sewing machine, please complete this Sewing Machine Training and Release form.

Patrons who check out the sewing machine are expected to have an understanding of how a sewing machine operates. If the machine is returned with missing or broken parts, the person is responsible for the cost of these parts and the fee to have the sewing machine serviced.

Creator Kits

Click on each Creator Kit to see what is included. Each kit guide contains QR codes to helpful videos. 


The following Creator Kits can be checked out with faculty supervision due to the nature of the equipment. These will be available at a future date, so check back soon!

  • Sewing Machine
  • Audio Recording
  • Content Creator

Audio Recording & Camera

Important Information about the Audio Recording Kits and Camera: 

Patrons who check out the audio recording kits and camera are responsible for retrieving the pictures/information recorded on the device. To protect your privacy, we strongly advise you double check your recordings/pictures to make sure you have transferred them off the device before returning the kit. The Smith Library Center is not responsible for information left on technology devices. 

Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is a small, portable digital cutting tool that can also be used for drawing and writing. 

Important: You will need a laptop to download the Cricut Design Space, the software necessary to design your cutting or crafts. Upon checkout, you will be given the username and password to use this software. 


Creative Inspiration

  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • TikTok