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Chinese Language & Literature: Subject Guide: Web Resources

Useful Websites

Chinese A starting point for Chinese language related resources. offers you some basic Chinese courses, some useful language tools, and some other resources, you can learn Chinese pinyin, slang, calligraphy, and some other Chinese basic knowledge or skills.

BBC Languages - Mandarin Chinese  BBC Chinese offers you some mini-guides for Chinese pinyin, tones and characters, you can watch some videos of real conversations, you can take some tests, and you can also play some funny character games.

Hanyu There are comprehensive and visual chinese-learning materials,which can help you in any step of your study. Learn Chinese through entertainment, which can also bring you happiness.

Nciku Nciku is an online dictionary, you can learn Chinese characters, words or phrases by their meaning, writing, pronunciation and example sentences, you can learn some conversations, vocabulary lists, theme words, and you can also join the community and communicate with other people.

Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary On Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary website, you can learn Chinese characters by their meaning, writing and pronunciation, you can take some Chinese character quizzes, you can create character flashcards, and you can also use the dictionary on your mobile phone.

Learn Chinese Everyday Learn Chinese Everyday mainly teaches you a Chinese word everyday, you can learn the word by its meaning, pronunciation, common words/phrases, and sentences. You can listen to all the example words, phrases and sentences.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library for China Studies managed by Hanno Lecher. A major resource for a large range of China Studies materials and is part of the very fine Asian Studies section of the Virtual Library.

Multiple Languages, including Chinese

Linguist List--Web Resource Listings--Dictionaries
Multi-language dictionaries, with links to other language-related sites. Site maintained by Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University.


World language research, maps, and more. Catalogs over 6,700

languages spoken in 228 countries.


Language-learning resources arranged by topic.

UCLA Phonetics Lab