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Google Scholar Fix: Instructions

Guide to removing a university (or other entity) attached erroneously to your Google Scholar account.

Step by Step Removing the Problem

For some reason, Google Scholar has attached the University of Albany erroneously to all of Southwestern University's accounts.  If you do a search, you will get a result similar to this, with a lot of links to "Full Text @ My Library":



The "Full Text @ My Library" links belong to the University of Albany, and you will be asked to log into their system if you click on one.  Our links are "SmithLibrary@Southwestern".

To fix, go to Step 1.


After you are logged in to Google Scholar, click on the the three lines in the top left corner:



Go to Step 2.

Click on the Gear icon to get to your settings--it may be at the bottom of the left hand column or next to the words Google Scholar at the top of the column:



Go to Step 3.

Click on "Library Links" in the left hand column.



Go to Step 4.

Remove check from box labeled University at Albany, State University of New York - Full-Text @ My Library (leave check marks in both Southwestern University and Open Worldcat):


Go to Step 5.

SAVE your change by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.


Your search now looks like this:



Please contact Amy Anderson (512-863-1639 or if you need additional help.

Your Librarian

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Amy Anderson
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Available for online assistance from 9:00 am. to 6 pm., Monday through Friday.