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FYS Place Called School: Start Here

In support of Dr Michael Kamen's FYS 2020.


Start exploring here

Credo is an academic alternative to Wikipedia. It includes many sources about Education, like encyclopedia articles, specialty dictionaries, videos, and handbooks. 

Where to Find Scholarly Sources

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class. You can learn more about databases on the Research Hub

eBook examples

Guide to Writing in Education

Citing your work

Searching for Information

To start your search in the library's catalog, think about keywords related to education environments, school architecture, or public school buildings

When you find a relevant book, click on the Description to see the subject headings to to find more books on the topic.


Return to FYS / AES Research Hub


TIP: Clicking the SU Bike icon will take you to the Research Hub.

Internet Resources

Here are a few school furniture companies in Texas that I found via Google. While I can't endorse any of these sites, I saw lots of examples of contemporary school desks, tables, chairs, etc. These catalogs can certainly provide you with detailed ideas for your own school design.