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Credo is an academic alternative to Wikipedia. It includes many sources about Education, like encyclopedia articles, specialty dictionaries, videos, and handbooks. 

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Citing your work

Teaching is a cultural activity and most US teachers follow a similar “instructional script.” Designed to appeal to all majors, in this seminar we will reflect on our own experiences as students as we explore the familiar US public school model, some historical underpinnings, and the ongoing socio-political forces that shape it. 

The seminar will then segue to the philosophies and theories of non-traditional domestic and international schools, studying a number of school models such as Montessori, Waldorf, forest, micro, play-based, International Baccalaureate, democratic, expeditionary, and religious-affiliated schools.  Students will collaboratively plan and present a play/performance/theater-based science activity to children in a local elementary school.

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