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Physics: Subject Guide: Citation

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Introduction to Citation Tools

Citation Management Tools can help you in keeping track of your sources, citing sources within your text, and creating a bibliography. EasyBib is a citaiton tool you can add to GoogleDocs simply by selecting it as an "Add-on." Another great tool is Zotero.

TIP: When using citation tools, you must check the citations with a relevant Style Guide because they do make mistakes, such as not formatting correctly or exporting the information incorrectly.

Style Guides

Citation Tools - WorldCat Local

Citation Tools - Zotero

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Debby Ellis Writing Center

At the Debby Ellis Writing Center, any student can come in for (completely free) help with papers at any stage of the writing process.  The DEWC is always open to students as a study space.

What is Plagiarism?

"Plagiarism is the submission of another's work as one's own without acknowledgment in the written work."

-Southwestern University Student Handbook

In order to avoid plagiarism, you need to give credit to your source of information, whether it is a book, website, article in a journal, etc... For more information on plagiarism, see the InfoGuide listed below.