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FYS Roadside America: Start Here

This seminar explores ways that car-based mobility is mapped to ideologies about freedom, agency, and belonging in contemporary American culture.


Where to Find Scholarly Sources

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class. You can learn more about databases on the Research Hub. Click the parrot. 

Books at Smith Library Center

Searching for Information

Think about keywords related to roadside America to start your search in the library's WorldCat catalog. 

When you find a good book, open the Description section of the record to find more books on the topic using the Subject Headings. Clicking on a Subject will take you to a list of all the other books in the catalog that have been classified under that subject.

Try some of these subject headings related to roadside America in WorldCat:

Automobiles - United States

Social Mobility - United States

Automobile travel - United States

American literature - Social aspects - 20th century

Automobile travel - United States - History

Roadside Architecture - United States

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