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Finding News Sources: International News

International News Sources

Picking Up Free Newspapers

*Tip - When looking for international news sources, look for local sources as well as coverage from major news hubs like the BBC or CNN. A good rule of thumb with news sources is to never just look at news from one location. 

For a list of the top 100 newspapers worldwide based on circulation numbers, go here.

General - Headlines, newspapers, and news blogs from around the world.

Yahoo News Directory - Organized by country 

Wikipedia List of Newspapers - Organized by continent and country

Wikipedia List of Online Newspaper Archives - Organized by country.

World News, UT Library Online - Hosted by the University of Texas. 

Kidon Media Link - Search over 19,000 links to newspapers around the world.

Latin America

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) News and Newspapers - Hosted by the University of Texas.  

Latin America News at Latin America Links - News aggregator that covers current events in South and Central America.


w3newspapers European Newspapers Online - Lists general European new sources and country-specific items.

Selected Western European Newspapers and News Services - Hosted by the Associated College and Research Libraries Western European Studies website.

European Media Monitor - News aggregator that also tracks social media trends in Europe.

Central and Eastern European News Aggregator - Hosted by the Institute for International European Policy.

Asia and the Middle East 

Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera news coverage in English

Asia Times Online - News hub for the Middle East and Asia.

Asia Society News Hub - Current news and media coverage aggregated from various sources.


Cooperative African Newspapers Project - Hosted by the Center for Research Libraries Global Resources Network.

allAfrica - News aggregator site

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