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FYS Gavels and Gowns: Past Precedent in the Present: Start Here

A guide for Dr. K. Grooms's first year seminar 2019.

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Credo is an academic alternative to Wikipedia and includes a topic page for the Supreme Court. Credo has encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and more. 

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Gavels and Gowns: Past Precedent in the Present

Article III of the U.S. Constitution gives judicial power to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court rulings have broad implications for society but, outside of a few landmark rulings, most people are unfamiliar with many of the cases that shape our current legal system and social norms. We will explore these cases using the framework of the podcast “More Perfect” from Radiolab. We will learn the background history of cases, learn the process for how cases get to the Supreme Court, listen to oral arguments and read decisions, and discuss the implications and unintended consequences of rulings.

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Searching for Information

Think about keywords related to the Supreme Court in general, or a specific case, to start your search in the library's WorldCat catalog. 

When you find a good book, open the Description section of the record to find more books on the topic using the Subject Headings. Clicking on a Subject Heading will take you to a list of all the other books in the catalog that have been classified under that subject. 

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