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TIP: Clicking the SU Bike icon will take you to the Research Hub. This guide provides an introduction to key resources available for your topics. The Smith Library Center has a wide range of both electronic and print materials including books, databases and journals.

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 WorldCat@SU is the library's online catalog. Use it to identify printed and electronic books that we own as well as videos, CD's, DVD's, and more. A search by title in the online catalog yields over many titles on your topics. If you find an item that we don't own that you need for your research, use Get it! and we will get the item from a library that does own it. 

 A few examples of select subject headings relevant to this class are below. Each is a live link directly into the online catalog. Always ask a librarian for help if you are not finding what you need--it may simply be a matter of using the right vocabulary.

Many of the subject headings listed below may also work in the listed databases as keyword searches. Every database develops its own list of subjects to use. Do a keyword search and compare your results with the subject headings (also called descriptors) in the records you find. They might provide you with better ways to do your search again.

Another way to find articles is to use a database. 

WorldCat@SU only finds a fraction of the articles available through our databases. Databases allow you to search specifically for articles. Not only do databases find more articles, they provide more precise search tools than WorldCat, yielding better results.

Use WorldCat@SU 

The quickest way to find the article is to type the full title in the single search box on the library homepage.  WorldCat@SU will search multiple databases at the same time, presenting you with the article title.  For example, 

Find Specific Online Journal title Find the Journal by Title TAB allows you to search for full-text journals, as well as browse for titles by disciplines.  Type the title of the journal in the search box, then look down the results page until you locate the correct title.  For example, Society and Animals.  Now you will  see links to databases which contain full-text articles.  OR, Anthrozoos
Search database to find the full-text article Once you have located an article via searching a library database, check to see if there is a link to a PDF full-text or HTML page with full-text.  You can also check the WorldCat@SU to see if the journal is available in print.  If the article is not online AND the journal is not available in print, then use GET IT!

Use GET IT! 


If article is not available at Smith Library Center, you have another option to getting it.  Use GET IT, our interlibrary loan service.  You will need to set up an account the first time you use it and log in thereafter.
DATABASES View all databases at the A-Z page.

PsycINFO (psychology literature)

Covers the professional and academic literature in psychology, including animal studies.  For example: Friends with Benefits:  On the Positive Consequences of Pet Ownership.

Academic Search Complete (multiple subjects covered).

Provides access to many scholarly full text journals focusing on many disciplines.  A good starting place for any research. This service includes scholarly and popular magazines.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Gale in Context: Science

Provides access to social issues, from capital punishment to immigration to marijuana to animal issues.  Opposing Viewpoints In Context is a rich resource for debaters and includes pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, infographics, and more.  For example, Scientists Find a Shared Gene in Dogs With Compulsive Behavior.

Hundreds of today's most significant science topics, showcasing how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues.



Biology Abstracts (on the Web of Science)

Covers the world's science, technology and medicine.  One can find information here about animal genetics, spay and neutering. The database has some full text sources.  And SpringerLink, focusing on the areas of Behavioral Sciences; Biomedical & Life Sciences.


Easily discover critical journal coverage of the life sciences with Biological Abstracts™, with topics ranging from botany to microbiology to pharmacology. For example, The Pedigree Dog Breeding Debate in Ethics and Practice: Beyond Welfare Arguments.  

Abstract: Pedigree dog breeding has been the subject of public debate due to health problems caused by breeding for extreme looks and the narrow pool of many breeds. Our research aims to provide insights in order to further the animal-ethical, political and society-wide discussion regarding the future of pedigree dog breeding in the Netherlands. Guided by the question 'How far are we allowed to interfere in the genetic make-up of dogs, through breeding and genetic modification?'

JSTOR,  with journals, primary sources and ebooks

Important scholarly journals, e-books (Pet Politics), and over 2 million primary sources. Search by subject or browse full text of scholarly journals in the arts and humanities, social science and life sciences, to their earliest issues. Many titles extend as far back as late 19th or early 20th centuries; most recent 3-5 years not included.  Click here for JSTOR tutorial.

SocioIndex with Full Text

Covers the professional and academic literature in sociology, including topics on dog therapy.  For examplePrisoners, pups, and PTSD; the grass roots response to veterans with PTSD.


Contains bibliographic records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library. The database  encompasses all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including  animal and veterinary sciencesFor example, Prevalence of Canine Heartworm Infection in Mississippi Animal Shelters.


ScienceTech Premium Collection

The SciTech Premium Collection includes the Natural Science Collection and Technology Collection databases and provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports.

Communication and Mass Media Complete

Communication Studies database with full-text articles in many communication journals. Example article:  Visual images and Presidential Leadership: A Case Study of  Lyndon B. Johnson and his Beagles.

Proquest Ebook Central

Authoritative, scholarly sources. Ebook Central delivers, with breadth and depth of ebooks  from scholarly sources, including University Presses and other top publishers.

Ebook Collection on (EBSCOHOST)

This web site provides access to the full-text content of over 4,000 e-books purchased by The Frank Smith Library Center. 

Credo Reference Collection for background Searching

Credo Reference is a digital reference library that places a world of factual information at your fingertips. Containing a selection from 645 high-quality reference books from the world's leading publishers,  Credo Reference is the ideal place to start any research. Great Topic pages produced by Credo.  Animal Rights Dog Handlers at Ground Zero|  Dogs


Although there is an incredible amount of information available on the Internet, much of the information may be unreliable. While journal articles and books have undergone a rigorous review process, most of the information posted on the WWW has not been checked by any authority, other than the owner of the Web site. 

All of the sources on this web page are freely accessible.  You will see that I have selected some commercial sites (.com), some non-profit organizations (.org), and some government departments/agencies (.gov).


The four common systems of documentation are:  MLA, used in English and the humanities; APA, used in psychology and the social sciences; Chicago, used primarily in history; and CBE, used in the sciences.