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"Composing a Life," Representing Gender Paideia Seminar: Start Here

The Paiideia Seminar anlayzes people's lives as creatively improvisational trajectories in texts from 1900-2015 (film, music literature, theatre).

Composing a Life, Representing Gender

πaιδειa : "Composing a Life," Representing Gender Paideia Seminar

Cross- Disciplinary Reseearching

Searching :  Because these are topics that cross multiple disciplines or explore problems from multiple disciplinary perspectives, I have listed databases in the humanities, the social sciences, and health sciences. Though academic journal articles covering these issues can be found in resources  from virtually all subject areas,  the databases (general and specialized) below are some of the best places to start for your topic(s).

Relevant Subject Headings:  Listed below are selected subject headings used to locate resources related to these topics. These subject headings can be used to locate sources in Worldcat and the  journal article databases.

Brush Up on Your Research Skills!: Did you know that we created a Research HUB?  These TABS will walk you through the parts of finding journal article databases, books, searching/writing help, and more.