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Psychology: Research Methods (PSY33-214)|

Spring 2021

Searching for Selected Fields

In PsycINFO, you can search for articles and journals using search fields from the drop-down menus next to the search boxes:


Select a Field: default search setting, automatically searches the abstract, author, keywords, source, subjects, table of contents, title, and translated title.

TI Title: Searches for the titles of articles (not journal titles). For example, typing "physical attractiveness" and selecting "TI Title" will bring back results with "physical attractiveness" in the title, such as "Beauty in Mind: the effects of physical attractiveness on on psychological well-being and distress". If you know the complete title, you can type all the words in for a more exact search.

AU Author: Searches for an article/publication's author by last name, first name or first initial. You can use an asterisk [*] to return all names that begin with a letter. For example, "McClellan, D*" will retrieve results for the author "McClelland, David C.; McClellan, D.; and McClelland, Dawn Elizabeth".

SU Subjects: PsycINFO assigns subjects to each article and publication, and the subjects are taken from the Thesaurus of Psychological Terms.  You can search for articles using subject terms, such as "obsessive compulsive disorder". If you're not finding good results on a subject search, refer to the thesaurus and see if the term has another name.

AB Abstract, from 1975 to the present: The abstract is a brief summary of the article and often has useful search terms. You can use this option to search just the abstracts.

SO Publication Name: Use this option to search for journal titles. For example, typing "American Psychologist" will bring back results from that journal. This is a useful search option if you want to browse recent articles from top journals. You can also use this option o search for book titles.

KW Keywords: This option allows you to use natural language terms to describe a document's content. For example, typing "children's nightmares" and selecting "KW Keywords" will pull up articles about children suffering from nightmares, even if the articles use more professional language to describe the problem.