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Comparative Politics: Books

This guide is for students researching topics in Comparative Politics, an introductory survey of major political systems, representing both Western and non-Western countries.

Finding Books

Browsing the Shelves

Books covering religion, society, economics, history, politics and government can be found in several areas of the library. Here are the breakdowns by Dewey Decimal numbers and location:

Second Floor of the SLC 

  • 290: World Religions​
  • ​​305.42: Social Role of Women
  • 320: Political Science
    • 320.3: Comparative Government
    • 320.4: Structure & Functions of Government
    • 320.9: Political Situation & Conditions
  • ​321: Systems of Governments & States
  • 330: Economics
    • 337: International Economics

Third Floor of the SLC

  • 909: World History
    • 909.04: History with Respect to Ethnic & National Groups

Searching the Catalog

The SLC's Worldcat@SU catalog is a great place to search and browse for books online. Here are some effective ways to search for books on political topics.

Basic Keyword Search

The catalog's default search setting is a basic keyword search:

This often brings up lots of results, many of which may not be useful for your assignments. Instead, try limiting your search results by using the filters located to the LEFT of every list of search results. They can help you narrow a search that has too many results or too many irrelevant results. When there are many options for limiting in a category (usually seen with the topic and author limiters) only some will initially display. Click "show more" to see additional options.

Having Trouble?

Having trouble finding the book you need in Worldcat@SU? Try these helpful links:

Selected Books

Get It!: Interlibrary loan and acquisitions requests

When you are doing research, you may find a book, score, DVD, CD, or article you need that is not in our collection. If this happens, you can request it through Get It!. Our library will either borrow the item from another library on your behalf, or we will purchase it, depending on information you provide.