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Comparative Politics: "The Economist"

This guide is for students researching topics in Comparative Politics, an introductory survey of major political systems, representing both Western and non-Western countries.

Searching for Articles in the Economist

As part of your major assignment for this course, you will need to search "The Economist" for articles about developing countries. START with Academic Search Complete using these step-by-step instructions on searching for articles in "The Economist".

NOTE: You can search The Economist online for articles; however, you will hit a paywall. Simply note the title of the article you wish to see and search for it in Academic Search Complete. 

1. Log into Academic Search Complete here.

2. Using the default Advanced Search Function, type in "The Economist" in the first search box, and choose "SO Journal Name" from the drop-down menu just to the right of the search box.


3. In the second search box, type in the name of your chosen country. Leave the second drop-down menu on the default setting. Then hit the "Search" icon on the right.


You can then browse full-text articles for your assignment. If you have any questions about performing one of these searches, come to the Information Desk on the first floor of the SLC to request assistance.