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Edible Book Festival

April 6, 2020 event


Event Canceled due to Covid19.

Rescheduled for Spring 2021. Silver lining: you have a whole year to think of entry ideas. Thanks to everyone who had entered!


What is an Edible Book Festival?

It's a fun event uniting love for literature and food. Participants create and view representations of books, in whatever edible form their imagination prefers. Concepts can range from an elaborate cake that looks like an actual book, to an interpretation of a book jacket design or a representation of a character, to a plated and pun-filled array of food. 

'Edible' is open to interpretation: entries must simply be made of food materials, they need not be appetizing. The possibilities are open to wherever your creativity and sense of humor may lead you!

Edible Book Festivals are held around the world every April. The first was in 2000, started by an art librarian and a book artist. Read about the history and check out the gallery for inspiration at the official Books2Eat site.

When and Where?

Smith Library Center, Academic Commons

Monday April 6th

Who can Participate?

Any member of the Southwestern Community.

Entrants can be solo students, faculty, or staff.

Or groups can enter- friends, a class, department, club, team, etc. (Prizes would need to be shared, however.)

What can I submit?

Any edible (not necessarily appetizing) book representation/interpretation. 

Entries should fit within a 24"x24" space.

Entries must not melt or spoil within the event timeframe: from drop off between 8-10 AM to conclusion at 1:50 PM.

If possible, please bring your book inspiration for display- personal or library copy, or printed image. 


Meet the Judges

     Dena Garcia

Dena Garcia is Smith Library Center's fabulous and helpful Information Desk Assistant. She oversees a small army of student workers and is a relatively new- since summer 2019- but integral part of the Smith Library team. She has worked on Edible Austin magazine as editorial assistant. She enjoys cooking, especially with farmers market ingredients, baking bread, and hosting an annual family tamalada. 

     Desi Roybal

Desiderio Roybal is the Resident Scenic Designer and Professor and Chair of Theatre for The Sarofim School of Fine Arts at Southwestern University. He holds an impressive list of professional work credits and teaches scenic painting and design here at SU. This includes the popular Transformative Experience of Wearing a Mask seminar, where students are required to research, design, and construct their own (albeit non-edible) masks. 


      Katy Ross

Catherine Bourland Ross is Professor of Spanish at Southwestern University. Her particular areas of expertise are Post-Franco Spanish literature and twentieth and twenty-first century peninsular Spanish literature and film. Her publications include the book The Changing Face of Motherhood in Spain: The Social Construction of Motherhood in the Works of Lucia Etxebarria. Through her focus on the 5 Cs of language learning, communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities, she encourages her students to make connections to their other courses, their outside interests, and their communities.


Prize Categories

Fun prizes and campus-wide bragging rights will go to winners of the following categories:

Best Presentation

Funniest / Punniest

People's Choice

Runners Up


Prizes will be awarded per entry- a solo entrant will keep the whole prize whereas a group entry will need to share or divide. 

Planning Committee

Contact us with any questions:

Many thanks to Mosaic for supporting this event. Read about Mosaic's mission to intentionally construct the student experience by supporting learning- wherever it takes place- here