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Women in Politics, FALL 2020: Start Here

This guide is intended to provide links to Smith Library resources and outside web pages on women in politics.

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TIP: Clicking the SU Bike icon will take you to the Research Hub. This guide provides an introduction to key resources available for your topics. The Smith Library Center has a wide range of both electronic and print materials including books, databases and journals.

Selected Books from the Smith Library Center

How to...

 WorldCat@SU is the library's online catalog. Use it to identify printed and electronic books that we own as well as videos, CD's, DVD's, and more. A search by title in the online catalog yields over many titles on your topics. If you find an item that we don't own that you need for your research, use Get itand we will get the item from a library that does own it. 

Searching any database requires an understanding of how subject headings are used to describe and organize the items listed. Entering a subject phrase that is not used in a particular database will keep you from finding what you need even if the item is there. A few examples of select subject headings relevant to this class are below. Each is a live link directly into the online catalog. Always ask a librarian for help if you are not finding what you need--it may simply be a matter of using the right vocabulary.


Click on any of the live links to find books that share these subject headings. 

Note:  Many of the subject headings listed may also work in the listed databases as keyword searches. Every database develops its own list of subjects to use. Do a keyword search and compare your results with the subject headings (also called descriptors) in the records you find. They might provide you with better ways to do your search again.


Oxford Handbooks Online is an outstanding collection of the best Handbooks areas across many different subject areas. One of the most prestigious and successful strands of Oxford’s scholarly publishing, the Handbook series contains in-depth, high-level articles by scholars at the top of their field (political science).

Oxford Handbooks Online is guided by a world-class Editorial Board that bring together the world’s leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking on a range of major topics. Each Handbook offers thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship, creating an original conception of the field and setting the agenda for new research. Handbook articles review the key issues and cutting-edge debates, as well as providing arguments for how those debates might evolve.

Revolutionary changes to the publishing program ensure that all Handbooks are available online as well as in print, and monthly updates introduce articles in advance of print publication ensuring the most current, authoritative coverage. -- website


While we do not subscribe to this source, I discovered I can use Oxford Handbook by performing  a simple keyword search from the search box.  Next, I look at the  chapter articles, then I look to see which Oxford Handbook the article is cited in.  With that knowledge, I can request the book that contains the chapter within the book.   If you use GET IT!, please do not wait to the last minute.  Once the book is in the library, the book is isolated up to four days  for safety reasons.  

How do I get the article in the book?  Use GET IT!  Request the BOOK, using the GET IT! form.  


Under this TAB are  titles of selected journals.   When you do not have a specific journal in mind, find articles on your topic by searching article databases.

Enter keywords into the search box of each of these journals. Think of important words or phrases, then type them in to get results. For example, the impact of politics on women and of women on politics. Find articles focusing on sex and gender within different disciplines, policy problems and studies that assess the impact on women and of women on politics.


For topics related to WOMEN IN POLITICS, please review these databases.

General (Covers many topics)

Feminist Studies

Political Studies

Communication Studies



Women in Politics Bibliographic Database 1948 + (open access) 

..."contains bibliographic references on books and articles dealing with women in politics.... It covers titles representing international, regional, country-by-country as well as thematic perspectives."  No full-text is provided, only the citation leading you to the book or article.  Please check WorldCat to see if you own the item.  If not, use GET IT!  This database does not tell me when it was last updated, so please use current databases for current articles and books.



A bibliography is an organized list of sources (books, journal articles, web sources, etc.) formatted in a particular citation style (such as MLA, APA, or Chicago, Turabian).  An annotation is a descriptive paragraph.  So, an annotated bibliography is a bibliography that contains a descriptive paragraph about each of the sources listed in the bibliography.