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For FYS/AES Faculty: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Library & FYS

Centralized information about all things library-related for faculty teaching FYS and AES courses

The required library modules are scheduled first-come/first-serve

Library Book Orders

Please submit orders for all library materials related to FYS/AES via Get It! by no later than June 1, 2022.

If you wish to put a book or DVD on Desk Reserve, please consult this form

If you need assistance, or have questions, please reach out to your assigned librarian. Thank you!

For textbooks and required reading titles, contact the SU Bookstore

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The First Library Session (The Required One)

This is the traditional library building & services tour (30 mins) followed by a 30-minute brief introduction to library resources.

If you're interested in any of these following optional sessions, 

be sure to select them when filling out the session request form

The Second Library Session (The Optional One)

A second library session (typically 60 mins) customized for your topic & research assignment. Includes hands-on research and practical search tips for students. The best time to schedule a 2nd session is when your students have their research assignment in hand. 

Special Collections - In Depth

Schedule a time for your students to visit Special Collections where they can experience an interactive session and an get in-depth tour. (This 60 minute session is different than the 5-minute visit everyone gets during the required first library session.) Special Collections materials include artifacts, primary sources, historical items, rare books, ephemera, LGBTQ items, art, political memorabilia, and more. We have something for everyone and almost every topic.

Escape Room in a BoxNew  

Escape Room In a Box is a collaborative, active-learning puzzle about information literacy topics for students to solve with their classmates. Due to timing issues, this activity is ONLY available for classes that schedule a 2nd library session. Your students will split into teams and be given a cart with a mystery to solve. Each element of the process will teach them something about information literacy and the library. Your student cohort will work together and bond through this shared experience. 

Library Technologies

A library technology session can be just the thing you need to take your course to the next level. These are fully customizable to your seminar. We can help you with:

  • Google Apps (Calendar, Docs, Forms, Jamboard...)
  • Digital tools like Omeka and TikiToki (not the Tik Tok app)
  • MakerSpace offerings like 3D printing and audio recording, etc.
  • Citation managers like Zotero
  • Google Scholar -- getting the most out of it while avoiding pitfalls
  • Overviews of the library's available A/V equipment

  1. Asbury, David  -- Alexia Riggs
  2. Berroth, Erika -- Alexia Riggs
  3. Cain, Bruce -- Alexia Riggs
  4. Costola, Sergio -- Katherine Hooker
  5. Craddock, Elaine --  Alexia Riggs
  6. González, Martín -- Amy Anderson
  7. Hernandez Berrones, Jethro -- Amy Anderson
  8. Hower, Jessica -- Megan Firestone
  9. Johnson, Melissa -- Megan Firestone
  10. Kamen, Michael -- Katherine Hooker
  11. Kilfoyle, Jim (two sections) -- Theresa Zelasko
  12. Long, Joshua  -- Katherine Hooker
  13. Mariotti, Shannon  -- Theresa Zelasko
  14. Mathieu, Francis -- Katherine Hooker
  15. McLean, Scott  -- Theresa Zelasko
  16. Neighbors, Bryan -- Alexia Riggs
  17. Robertson, Carl --  Megan Firestone
  18. Ross, Katy -- Theresa Zelasko
  19. Roybal, Desi -- Katherine Hooker
  20. Selbin, Eric  -- Theresa Zelasko
  21. Self, Rico -- Megan Firestone
  22. Shelton, Therese -- Katherine Hooker
  23. Smith, Kim -- Katherine Hooker
  24. Snyder, Bob -- Theresa Zelasko
  25. Trombley, Laura Skandera -- Megan Firestone
  26. Zewail-Foote, Maha -- Amy Anderson

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