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FYS: Political Ethics: An Oxymoron?: Start Here

Research and Library Information for Tim O'Neill's first year seminar.


Relevant Titles

Key Keywords

politic? ethic?

president? ethic?

politic? scandal

Clinton ethic?

Bush ethic?

[name] ethic?

ethics health care

ethics poverty

politc? corruption

political  leadership

policy ethics

Iraq war moral ethical

[event] ethic?

supreme court ethic?

Other search tips:

- use ? in WorldCat and * in journal databases to "truncate" a search. Eg. "politic?" will pull up politicS, politicAL, etc.
- use quotes to search phrases: "Texas politics"



Key Subject Headings for Books

Subject Headings are very specific categories assigned to resources. They constitute a "closed vocabulary." They are terms and phrases created by librarians that describe the content of materials. Librarians classify books in these categories. Clicking on a subject heading link in WorldCat will take you to a list of other books with that heading. It's one way to do research.  Keyword searching is another.

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General Topic Suggestions

Your second paper assignment will require you to explore a politically AND ethically significant decision by an elected OR appointed American public official.  The decision must be within the last 20 years (since 1997).  Professor O'Neill will hand out a detailed assignment description and we will have a special library session related to the topic, but you might want to start thinking about this assignment now.  See above TAB (Paper Assignment 2) for more about this assignment.

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Aide Resigns over Crime Connections​ | Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas Is Accused of Bribery | Iran-Contra Weapons Scandal Taints Reagan’s Administration| Plagiarism Charges End Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign Justice Clarence Thomas’s Confirmation Hearings Create a ScandalSpeaker of the House Jim Wright Resigns in Ethics Scandal HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros (San Antonio) Is Indicted for Lying to Federal Agents President Bill Clinton Denies Sexual Affair with a White House Intern |Enron Bankruptcy Reveals Massive Financial Fraud | Former United Way Charity Chief Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement | Subprime Mortgage Industry Begins to Collapse | Senator David Vitter’s Name Is Found in D.C. Madam’s Address Book | New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Resigns in Prostitution Scandal  | House Majority Leader Tom Delay and Texas Redistricting Manipulation Jack Abramoff Defrauding his Indian tribe clients |

Benghazi Attacks  | Indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in CIA Leak Case