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FYS: Animation Salvation! Portraying Religion in Cartoons & Comics: Start Here

This guide is designed to assist the students of Dr. Ken Mello's FYS class in doing research.

Animation Salvation! - Portraying Religion in Cartoons and Comics

Animation is everywhere, and usually we view it for its humor, wit, and its biting social commentary.  But what if we can actually LEARN something from it as well?  In obvious and sometimes not so obvious ways, animation – comics, graphic novels, animated TV and film – tackles important subjects.  This seminar looks at all of these types of animation to see how they reflect and interpret ideas/ideologies about religion. What can Ned Flanders, Hank Hill, “Davey and Goliath”, or the kids from “South Park” show us about religion and the world we live in today?  Our goal is to find out.

Where to Find Scholarly Sources

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Subject Guide

Books on Satire and Religion