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Information Technology InfoGuide: Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks: su-pirate, su-visitor & APOGEE

Southwestern has wireless network coverage in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings in addition to some outdoor spaces.  Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use the su-pirate network which provides security and full network access.  Students are encouraged to use the APOGEE network throughout the Resident Halls and on campus.  A guest network, su-visitor, is available for campus visitors needing Internet access. 


Click here for instructions on creating your Apogee account and connecting your devices.

Faculty and Staff

The su-pirate network requires a one-time configuration. Instructions are available at the following links:

  • iPhone and iPod iTouch is here
  • iPad is here
  • Android is here
  • Macintosh 10.4 and higher is here
  • Windows 7 and Vista is here
  • Windows XP is here

For a map of the wireless coverage in academic, administration and open spaces, click here.



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