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Information Technology InfoGuide: Printing

Pirate Print

Printers and Locations


Smith Library Center (24 x 5)
mill\SLC105_BW SLC Research Commons
mill\SLC105_Color  SLC Research Commons
mill\SLC201_Color SLC 201
mill\SLC323_BW  near SLC 323
mill\FWO113_BW  Olin 113
mill\FWO208_BW  Olin 208
mill\MBH115_BW  Mood 115/118
Prothro (24 x 7)
mill\PRC223_Copy  Prothro 2nd Floor Copy Room


Can I print from my personal laptop?

Wireless and mobile printing for Android and Windows devices is available through Web Print from your web browser.

  • go to and  login with your SUeID

  • select Web Print from the left side

  • click Submit a Job on the right

  • select the printer you want to print to and click 2. Print Options and Account Selection

  • enter the number of copies and click 3. Upload Document

  • click Choose File, navigate to your document and select Open

  • click Upload & Complete

Mobile Printing: The PaperCut App for iPad and iPhone 

From your iPhone/iPad access URL through a web browser:

After accessing the installation URL on an iPad / iPhone (iOS device) an Install Profile dialog should appear. Follow the prompts to install the App. Afterwards, a Printing App (actually a Web Clip) should be available on the home screen.  see this url for more information:


Student Printing Costs

All students are given $30 each semester to print in the labs.  $0.08 cents for B/W single-sided, $0.10 cents for B/W double-sided.  $0.45 cents for color single-sided, $0.84 cents for color double-sided.


What happens when I run out of my “free” print money of $30?

When your balance goes below $3.00 you will receive an email stating:  PIRATE PRINT BALANCE REPORT:  Your printing balance has dropped to $3.00.  Once your account reaches a zero balance the system will prevent you from printing.  If you think you may run out before the end of the semester please purchase a “PiratePrint” card to add print dollars to your account.  Cards are available in $1, $5, $10 and $20 values from the PiratePrint Card Dispenser located on the first floor of the Smith Library Center (SLC) in the Periodicals area.  Please use exact cash, this machine does not dispense change.  However if you put a $10 bill in and for some reason the $10 button is red, you may use the $1 and $5 buttons to get your $10 worth.  A blinking red light either means the machine is stuck or the card supply is out of that particular slot.  Please report any problems with the dispenser to the InfoDesk.


How do I know how much money I have on my print account?

You can always check your balance at


What happens to my “free” money and the money I have added to my account?

At the beginning of the spring semester we will carry over any “real” money that you put into your Pirate Print account, but not the money allocated by the University.  For example, if you haved added real money to your account and have $3.00 of it left we will carry $3.00 forward to the spring semester after setting your balance to zero.  Then we add $30 resulting in a new balance of $33.

More simply, we will not carry any of the allocated $30 or any other “free” money ($20 Summer print money) into the next semester but will carry any “real” money that you put on the card.  Furthermore, we will not refund money left in the accounts at the end of the school year. 


What happens when I take Summer classes do I get more “free” money?

For students that are enrolled to take summer classes;  Summer I, II and III sessions, students will be given an additional $20 before Summer classes start in May of the current year.  The same rules follow, see above question about what happens to free money. 


What happens if my document doesn’t print?

If you have printed a document and the document did not print due to a printer malfunction, you may request a refund.  To do so you must be logged into “”, click on “Recent Print Jobs” (located on left of page), find the document that did not print, click on “request refund”, (located in “Status” column) please enter a detailed reason for request.  The administrator will evaluate the reason and be able to determine during that time if the printer was malfunctioning (such as paper out, low toner, etc…) if so your document’s print cost will be refunded to your account.


Helpful things you should know.

Maximum pages that can be printed within a document is 50 pages.

Maximum copies to be printed for a document is 10 copies.

Sometimes PDF documents take a long time to print, please be patient.


Your Pirate Prints online

You can view your print activity, release or cancel your documents waiting to print, or check your environmental impact online by visiting and login with your SUeID.



SLC Research Commons