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FYS: Unweaving the Web : The Internet of Things and People: Start Here

How have you used the Internet today? Would you panic if you lost your phone?

Getting Started

Searching: Because these are topics that cross multiple disciplines or explore problems from multiple disciplinary perspectives, I have listed databases in the sciences and the social sciences. Though academic journal articles covering these issues can be found in resources  from virtually all subject areas,  the databases (general and specialized) below are some of the best places to start for your topic (s).

Brush Up on Your Research Skills!:  Did you know that we created a Research HUB These TABS will walk you through the parts of finding journal article databases, books, evaluating, searching/writing help, and more.

Try this source to get background information.


To find articles, go to Credo Reference and search for topics your professor has suggested.  You will get a long list of entries in academic books; notice the title of the encyclopedia each article is published in,  as well as the bibliography provided at the end of each article.  Continue your research to another library resource, like WorldCat or Academic Search Complete.

Note:    Surround your search term with double quotations”______”. You are telling the database to look for your terms that are right next to each other, i.e. "the internet."

Think of this source as an academic substitute for Wikipedia.

Reference Collection, 1st floor area

The first floor contains basic reference materials (general and specific encyclopedias) when you are trying to familiarize yourself with a topic.  The librarians can point you to specialized encyclopedias in different fields.  

Is Wikipedia a Credible Source?

Using Wikipedia for Academic Research CLIP video

Try these sources to read articles.

The Smith Library Center subscribes to various databases that, when searched, will yield many articles and essays on the broad subject of computer science and technology.  Articles are constantly added to these databases.  A keyword search will yield many academic articles.

Tip: When you view a full record for an article, read the abstract, or summary, to quickly ascertain if it is relevant to your research. 

Computer Science Databases

Ebsco PowerSearch:  Search the above databases simultaneously. Academic Search Complete, Computer Source, and Science and Technology Collection

Sometimes, you'll see links to relevant articles but hit a "pay wall" asking you to buy those articles. Don't do this! The Library can get you access to these articles for free, either through our database subscriptions or through Get It! (interlibrary loan). It's best to go directly to the library's databases when you know you want to find something scholarly. Or ask a librarian for help. 

Find books/media from Worldcat.

You can search WorldCat to find more academic books  (academic publications and online resources) that are available at the Smith Library and books beyond our library.

Return to FYS / AES Research Hub.


TIP: Clicking Cullen the Parrot when you're on any of the course guides listed below will return you here to the Research Hub.

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