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AES: Gender Myths: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Library research tips for Professor Elaine Craddock's AES

Search Strategy: Use Keywords or Subject Headings

When searching for books and articles on topics for this course, think about keywords / synonyms related to the mythical tradition, character, or story you are exploring; also consider pairing those terms with keywords related to gender. 

Here are a few subject terms to get you thinking:

goddesses  |  gods  |  sex mythology  |  sex religious aspects  |  hindu mythology  |  masculinity religious aspects  |  folklore  |  fairy tales sex  |  ALSO specific mythical figures, works, or tales, e.g. Medb, The Odyssey, Cinderella 

Start your search for books and more in WorldCat.

Search Tip

When you find a good book on your topic in WorldCat, use the "More like this" subject links to find additional books classified under the same heading. Subject headings are standardized tags that describe the content of an item. You can use these tags to find material on the same topic regardless of the words used in the material’s text.

Find Articles in Databases

Academic Search Complete is a comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database. Start your research for articles here!  Tip #1: When you view a full record for an article, read the abstract, or summary, to quickly decide if it is useful for your research.  Tip #2: Use the subject links from the full record to find additional relevant articles.

JSTOR is a multi-disciplinary database which provides scholarly, full-text content. While coverage goes all the way back to the 19th century, be aware there is no current content for many journals. 

Project MUSE is another multi-disciplinary, full-text, scholarly journal source.

Depending on your specific topic, you might also try these specialized databases, or ask me for suggestions:


Back up! I need help choosing my topic!

If you are trying to choose a particular myth or story to research and write about, browse through an encyclopedia for ideas. For online encyclopedias, try Credo Reference, selecting Mythology & Folklore from the Subjects section on the home screen. Or search WorldCat using the terms mythology encyclopedia to see what else we have here at Smith Library Center. 

Annotated bibliography

For more detailed information on writing an annotated bibliography click on Cullen the Parrot to return to the Research Hub. For basic information, watch this brief video.