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FYS: Consumerist: Breaking Bad or Breaking Good: Start Here

Resources and information for Willis Weigand's First Year Seminar

From the moment we enter this world, until we leave this world, we use materials found in our surroundings to make products known as consumer goods. 

In this seminar, we will focus on the science and politics of three areas of consumer goods: petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and electronic devices. 

For example, what materials comprise these products and what decisions were made to bring these products to market for our use?  We will explore how these three general classes of consumer goods affect us, and others, in production, use and disposal during the product’s life cycle.

Where to Find Scholarly Sources

The databases featured in this box are particularly useful for this class. You can learn more about databases on the Research Hub. Click the parrot. 

Books on Consumerism Consequences at SLC

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