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FYS Consumerist: Breaking Bad or Breaking Good: Start Here

the science and politics of three areas of consumer goods.

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Check out Credo's topic pages for consumerism, consumer behavior, and plastic.

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The databases featured here are particularly useful for this class. They contain full text scholarly articles, news, images, and video. For more databases, visit Databases A-Z. 

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Searching for Information

In this seminar, we will focus on the science and politics of three areas of consumer goods:

  • petroleum products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • electronic devices

For example, what materials comprise these products and what decisions were made to bring these products to market for our use?  We will explore how these three general classes of consumer goods affect us, and others, in production, use and disposal during the product’s life cycle.


Think about keywords related to consumerism, eWaste, and pollution to start your search in the library's WorldCat@SU catalog. When you find a book you like, check the "More like this" subject links on the right side of the record to find more books on the topic.

View of WorldCat@SU's item record page

Try searching for some of these subject headings related to environmental pollution in WorldCat@SU:

Electronic waste.

Electronic apparatus and appliances -- Environmental aspects.

Electronic apparatus and appliances --  Health aspects.

Product life cycle.



Refuse and refuse disposal.

Environmental protection.

Global warming.

Environmental policy.

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