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Research Methods Psychology (PSY33-214)|

PSY33-214, Fall 2018


Truncation allows you to search different forms of the same word at the same time. Use the root of a word and add an asterisk (*) as a substitute for the word’s ending. It can save time and increase your search to include related words. For example, a search  for “Psycho*” would pull results on

   psychology, psychological, psychologist, psychosis, and psychoanalyst


Annunziata, Jane; Nemiroff, Marc; In: Career paths in psychology: Where your degree can take you. Sternberg, Robert J. (Ed); Publisher: American Psychological Association; 2017, pp. 137-153. [Chapter]

Subjects: Adolescent Psychology; Child Psychology; Clinical Psychologists

Add to folder Notes:  Printed issues NOT available in SU Library. Try Online Journals list and then use Get It!