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Inquiry-Based Research Methods (Psychology)

PSY33-214, Spring 2018

Finding a specific article or a selected book chapter in PsycINFO

If you have an article citation and want to find that specific article, you can find it several ways.


  • Google Scholar
    •  Use the article title.  Again, it is often useful to put quotes around the article title to find the exact title you want.  If you find articles that are not freely available,  search the WorldCat Local  to see if we have the article or the Online Periodical, Journal, & Newspaper Links on the library's homepage.


  • Worldcat Local for Selected Book Chapters in PsycINFO  ‚Äč Chapters from authored and edited books will be displayed with a Book icon in the database.  Books are selected if they are scholarly,  professional, or researched-based, English language,  and relevant to psychology.  Search the WorldCat Local to see if we have the book.  If not, request the item from GET IT!: Interlibrary Loan to obtain the book or book chapter.


  • Open Access from PsycINFO -  An  Icon logo will appear that makes it clear if an article or journal is available in open access.  New featured just introduced.



Finding an article on your topic in PsycINFO

Now that you have found an article on your topic in a database, how do you view the article itself?

    Check to see if the full-text is available in the electronic database (either in html or pdf format) you are using.

     Check the Online Periodical, Journal, & Newspaper Link on the library's homepage. Type in the title of the journal           to find out if the full-text is available in other databases.    
    Check WorldCat Local  to see if we have a print subscription to the journal.

    If you cannot find the article in any of these electronic databases, you can request a copy through GET     IT: Interlibrary Loan.

Journal Citation Basics

Sometimes you already have a citation (maybe you found it on Google Scholar or saw it linked through another source), but want to find the article. Everything you need to locate your article is already found in the citation.  Example:  The Living Experience of Difficulty of Telling the Truth. A Parse Method Study.