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Information Technology InfoGuide: Buying Computers & Software

Buying Computers & Software

The University does not sell computers. However, pricing for systems is available to students, faculty and staff through the Apple and Dell online stores. Our recommended configuration for computers can be found by visiting the Apple and Dell stores.


Purchasing Computers

Purchasing from Apple

Please refer to the following website for Apple computer purchases. The Apple products must be available through the educational website to be purchased through Information Technology.

Apple Store for Education: Southwestern University

Purchasing from Dell

Please refer to the following website for Dell computer purchases. The Dell products must be available through the educational website to be purchased through Information Technology.


Discounts on Software

We recommend that your computer be equipped with the latest version of Microsoft® Office (which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) or an equivalent to ensure compatibility with the computers in the lab and instructional areas.

Students, faculty and staff may purchase software from our volume academic licenser, VarsityBuys at:

You can purchase Microsoft Windows upgrades at:

Microsoft Student Store



Free Software

Open source software is free and legal to use and download. Many are equivalent to commercial software such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe inDesign and so on. Also, you can use them on Macs and Windows computers. In addition, there are many online applications you can use within your browser. For example, Google Drive provides the ability to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and documents for no cost.

iPad and iPhone free apps are available through iTunes Store.

Android free apps are available through Google Play.

Some resources for Information about open source and free software:

Free Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Office - LibreOffice

Free Open Source Alternatives for Adobe Applications

Macintosh -

Windows -


Printer or No Printer? 

Students: A personal printer is not a necessity but many students have them for convenience. There are several student-accessible laser printers around campus. More information is available at Pirate Print.



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