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Latin American/Border Studies: Subject Guide: Spanish language journals & articles

Resources for your Latin American /Border Studies research in the Smith Library Center and on the Web

Primary Spanish language and literature databases

Look for Advanced Search options to limit your results to Spanish language. These databases have a focus on Spanish language, literature, or culture.

Spanish language, literature, and culture databases

Map courtesy of the Benson Latin American Collection,
UT Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

EBSCOhost Tutorials

Academic Search Complete,  Economia y Negocios, Fuente Academica, Historical Abstracts, MedicLatina, and MLA International Bibliography are all EBSCOhost databases. They have the same basic search interface, so once you learn how to search one, you can easily search the others.

EBSCO Publishing has a YouTube channel with tutorials. Here's one on using the Advanced Search features:


"Periodicals" are ongoing publications that come out with new individual issues over time, such as People Weekly, The New York Times, or The Musical Quarterly. Each issue of a periodical contains unique articles, which can be identified by using indexes and databases. Periodicals can be generally classified as scholarly journals (also called "peer-reviewed") or non-scholarly. Non-scholarly periodicals include popular and journalistic sources--magazines or newspapers.  

Scholarly journals like The Musical Quarterly, popular magazines like People Weekly, and newspapers like The New York Times, each have different editorial processes and it is important to know the clues that will help you distinguish one type of periodical from another so you can use the kinds of sources your professors require you to use for particular assignments. Below is a PDF with a chart that will help.

Databases that also include Spanish language citations

Look for Advanced Search options to limit your results to Spanish language. These databases don't have a primary focus on Spanish language or literature, but they all have some Spanish applicability, depending on your research topic.