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Spanish Language & Literature: Subject Guide: Books & e-books

Resources for your Spanish language and literature research in the Smith Library Center and on the Web.

Searching Voyager

Searching in Voyager

The SLC's Voyager Catalog is the place to identify the library's books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, and more. Here are some effective ways to search for books on Spanish language and literature. Selecting the Advanced Keyword search tab in Voyager will allow you to limit your search results to materials in Spanish.

The catalog's default search setting is a basic keyword search. If this returns too many results, try a Subject Keyword search. A Subject Keyword search looks only at the subject headings, which are more specific and accurate than a regular keyword search.

You can then search by author name, book or artwork title, subject, or anything else! Remember to put last name, then first name when searching for authors or books about people.

You can also browse the subject headings themselves. Good places to start  are "Spanish Language", "Spanish Literature", or "Spanish American Literature," and follow the links to related headings.

In a subject heading search, your results will be books about works of literature or authors, not the works themselves. For example, a subject heading search for "Garcia Marqez, Gabriel" will include criticism on his novels and biographies, not Cien años de soledad [One Hundred Years of Solitude].

Browsing the Shelves

If you want to browse the shelves, books covering Spanish language, literature, history, and culture can be found in many areas of the library. Here are some  breakdowns by Dewey Decimal numbers and location:

Second Floor of the SLC

  • Language (grammar, etymology, usage, etc.) - 480-88
  • Art History, Spain - 709.46
  • Art History, Latin America - 709.72

Third Floor of the SLC

  • Literature, Spanish & Latin American - 860-68
  • Literature, Indigenous South American - 898
  • Geography & Travel, South America - 918
  • History, Iberian Penninsula - 946
  • History, North and South America - 970-989

Free e-books

E-book collections in the SLC

The library provides the campus access to over 40,000 e-books that can be read on any computer with Internet access. E-Books are from two collections that can be searched from the links below. All titles are also listed individually in the WorldCat Local online catalog. To search across all titles at once, search WorldCat Local for your subject, author, or title and limit your search to E-Book Collection.