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Psychology: Subject Guide: Journals & Articles

Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Review of Psychology (1950-present)

Publishes scholarly review articles in key areas of psychology; that is, articles which analyze and summarize current and past research, theory, and practice in psychology. The articles are useful for identifying key areas of research interest and trends in psychology.

Available through these library databases:

Also available in paper copy in the MAIN Collection, Call Number: 150.58 An78

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Sample Searches

Topic Guides

Topic Guides are brief handouts designed to demonstrate how PsycINFO can be used to search for resources in a variety of topic areas. They contain three sample search scenarios, and a list of selected Index Terms.

Topic Guides are also available as PDFs and PowerPoints on the PsycINFO Topic Guides page.

Researcher Tools

Courtesy  of APA Website.


  • Use AND to narrow your search. For example, using "adolescence AND anxiety" will find articles with both terms, giving your more specific results.
  • Use OR to broaden your results, such as using "adolescence OR teen" will find articles with either term, giving you more results.
  • Use NOT to filter out results with terms you don't need. For example "adolescence NOT child" will filter out articles with the term "child".

Truncation (*): The "*" replaces any number of characters and will find all forms of a word root. For example, "therap*" will find therapies, therapist, therapists, therapeutic, therapeutically, etc.

Wildcard (#): The "#" replaces extra characters that may appear in alternative spellings. For example, "colo#r" finds both color and colour

Wildcard (?): The "?" replaces one character. For example, "ne?t" finds neat, nest, or next, but will not find not.

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