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Company & Industry Research: LexisNexis Academic

Information about finding and using important business information resources

YouTube Tutorials

LexisNexis has its own YouTube channel with several short tutorials. It features three business search tutorials:

Searching LexisNexis

LexisNexis Academic is useful for finding business information. However, it can be difficult to use, so we have some search tips here.

Basic Search | Finding Newspapers & Blogs | Finding Company Information

Basic Search

The default homepage for LexisNexis Academic is the Basic Search page - it's good for quick, Google-like searches. "Search the News" will search world-wide newspapers and "Get Company Info" will search for company profiles.

Finding Newspapers and Blogs

For more in-depth news searching (including finding blogs or newspapers), look to the "Search the News" menu. Click on the "By Source Type" drop-down menu.

From there, you can choose what type of news source you'd like to search, including "Newspapers", "Wire Services", and "Blogs".

Once you choose a news source, use the "Search For:" box to search by keywords.

Finding Company Information

To find information about individual companies (beyond news stories), look to the "Search By Content Type" menu above the Basic Search box. Under th Companies section, you will have three options: "Dossier (Company, Executive, & Industry)", "SEC Filings", and "Company Profiles".

If you choose "SEC Filings" or "Company Profiles", make sure to wait until the webpage reloads before searching using the main search box. Company profiles in LexisNexis offer a lot of information, including:

       -Recent legal cases 
       -Patents and trademarks
       -Bond ratings

By choosing "Dossier (Company, Executive, & Industry)" you will have many options, including creating and uploading company lists as well as comparing companies.