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Feminist Studies: Subject Guide: Books & e-books

Resources for your feminist studies research in the Smith Library Center and on the Web

WorldCat Local

Worldcat@SU is the library's online catalog.  Search it to find out what books, e-books, videos, DVD's, CD's and more are available in our library.

A keyword search is the most general kind of search you can do. This will look for your search term in the entire bibliographic record for an item -- title, author, subject, contents, etc. Keyword searches can help you identify book chapters devoted to your subject, too. Advanced Keyword searching will enable you to construct more complex searches, specifying a combination of subject or title keywords, formats, languages, locations, and more.

You can refine your keyword search using these tips:

- use quotes to search phrases: "queer theory",
- use + to mark essential terms: +body,
- use * to mark important terms: *women,
- use ? to truncate: feminis?
(this will bring up results for feminism, feminisms, feminist, etc.)

Using the "Limit To" menu, you can limit your search to films, audio, musical scores, the e-book collection, items from the last 10 years, and more.

Once you have found a source that you like, look at the hyperlinked subject headings at the bottom of the electronic catalog record to determine the best terms to use in a subject search for further materials. The terminology used in subject headings may not be intuitive, so always ask a librarian for help if you are not finding what you need.  A few examples of subject headings related to Feminist Studies are below.

Feminist [criticism, economics, ethics...]
Feminist theory
Gender identity
Queer theory
Sex role
Sexual orientation
Transgender people (recently added subject heading; also try Transsexuals, Transsexualism)

Women--Social conditions
Women--[country name]

Since Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary field, relevant materials are located throughout the library. If you'd like to browse the stacks, you might try the section with call numbers beginning with 305.3 (Social sciences, sociology & anthropology - Social groups - Men & Women) and 305.4 (Social sciences, sociology & anthropology - Social groups - Women), but realize that many books will be cataloged with the subject matter--with the art books, history books, etc.