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Feminist Studies: Subject Guide: Reference sources

Resources for your feminist studies research in the Smith Library Center and on the Web

Digital reference sources

Use these sources to quickly search for your topic across several reference works at a time.

Why use encyclopedias & other reference works?

Reference works like encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and other collections of information are useful for quickly identifying key facts or researching background information about a particular event or person. Background reading in reference sources can help you:

  • understand historical or social context
  • gather statistics and other supporting data
  • brainstorm ways to narrow or broaden your research topic
  • identify additional sources of information

Reference works can be printed or in digital form. Our library's print Reference Collection is on the first floor. Print and digital reference works can be located by searching the Worldcat@SU online catalog or by browsing the library's website.

Books about research and resources