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Legislative Politics -- Resources @ SLC: Political Science Journals & Political News

Political Science Journals

For this class, you may NOT use law review articles as "peer-reviewed" sources.  

Many student-run legal publications (which are considered to be scholarly publications in the field of law) have the word "review" in the title (i.e., Harvard Law Review) but not all do (i.e., Georgetown Journal of Gender & the Law).  Almostof  all these are reviewed by law students, not legal professionals, and therefore are not "peer-reviewed" as scholars define this term.
Click here for "What Does "Scholarly Mean?"

To find out whether SLC own a publication, regardless of format (digital, print, microfilm), search the title in the WorldCat Catalog.

National Review - Publishes news and opinions from a conservative perspective.  Online articles are available free back to 1998.

The New Republic -- Covers politics from the inside, and it is known for the objectivity of its coverage and ability to avoid partisanship.

The National Journal:  The Weekly on Politics and Government --  A well-respected periodical with weekly political analysis.

The Nation -- One of the most openly left-wing publications in existence.  Each issues covers politics, culture and the arts.

The Economist -- Britain's  leading weekly news magazine with a worldwide readership.  The publication will cover U.S. politics and social trends as well as politics of Europe, Asia, Britain and other areas of the world.  Economic coverage with a summary and analysis of international conditions.



In the  Frank Smith, Jr. Library, periodicals are commonly housed in two ways:

  • Our most recent issues of periodicals (usually the latest several months) are filed in alphabetical order by title within broad subject areas in  Periodical Services on the first floor of the library.

The political science journals listed below are fully archived in JSTOR.    Notice the search box that allows keyword searches within the title.  


A digital repository providing  access to leading academic journals and other scholarly material. Search by an academic discipline such as Political Science, Law, or Public Policy and Administration.  Click here to Browse by Subject.
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Political News

(Congressional Quarterly) Magazine, weekly online publication.  Access current news and analysis on Congress and major public policy issues.  It is also useful for:

  • Tracking votes and legislation in Congress
  • Locating recent congressional documents
  • Learning more about members of Congress and the legislative process

Browse  articles by topic.  Useful link: Politics and Elections.

Provides access to a wide range of news, business, legal, medical, and reference information sources, most of them available. Useful hot topic link 2016 Presidential Election

LexisNexis also provides broadcast transcripts from the major television and radio networks, including ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and NPR, as well as political transcripts covering Congressional committee hearings, press briefings from the State, Justice, and Defense departments, and presidential news conferences.

 Newspaper Source provides access to both national and international newspapers, and contains abstracts and indexing from the following papers (cover to cover)  the The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, and USA TodayThe database also contains selective full text for 389 regional newspapers. 

Gallup (Government and Politics)  -- Daily articles on politics. Useful link: Election 2016

FiveThirtyEight/Politics -- Data to tell stories about politics, elections, campaign fundraising, etc.

Smart Politics -- Analysis of public policy, campaigns, and elections

RealClearPolitics -- Political news website

HuffPost Politics -- Liberal web blog

‚ÄčRoll Call Politics Online -- A biweekly newspaper that covers the people of politics of Capitol Hill

CNN Politics -- Daily coverage of United States politics and presidential election 2016

The Hill- Weekly newspaper that covers Capitol Hill

Politico -- News, analysis, elections and polls

The New York Times : Politics

The Washington Post : Politics

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Political Commercials

Video is as much a part of history as text. The Living Room Candidate presents video advertising for presidential candidates—Democrat, Republican, and significant third party, when applicable—from1952 to the present. Accompanying descriptive matter places the ads in context. Transcripts of the ads are included, along with full credits and production information. Numerous commercials are available for each election year, plus, text overviews of campaign years, information on party nominees, and election results. Other browse categories are thematic: biographical, ads utilizing fear, featuring children, etc. Useful for researchers and the general public of all ages.  MARS Review, Date Reviewed: 2/15/10