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FYS: Political Ethics: An Oxymoron?: General Topic Suggestions

Research and Library Information for Tim O'Neill's first year seminar.

By Studying Newspapers...

Newspapers are not considered academic sources; however, they are considered primary sources as they provided firsthand accounts of political events and experiences.  By researching newspapers, one can get study the controversies and transgressions committed personally, politically, financially across the political parties.

The library subscribes to multiple databases that index news articles. Sometimes the articles may only be available on microforms. If this is the case, please ask for help at the InfoDesk in the Research Commons.

General Topic Suggestions


  • Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Aide Resigns over Crime Connections

  • Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas Is Accused of Bribery

  • Iran-Contra Weapons Scandal Taints Reagan’s Administration

  • Plagiarism Charges End Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

  • Justice Clarence Thomas’s Confirmation Hearings Create a Scandal

  • Speaker of the House Jim Wright Resigns in Ethics Scandal

  • HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros (San Antonio) Is Indicted for Lying to Federal Agents

  • President Bill Clinton Denies Sexual Affair with a White House Intern

  • Enron Bankruptcy Reveals Massive Financial Fraud

  • Former United Way Charity Chief Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

  • Subprime Mortgage Industry Begins to Collapse

  • Senator David Vitter’s Name Is Found in D.C. Madam’s Address Book

  • New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Resigns in Prostitution Scandal

  • House Majority Leader Tom Delay and Texas Redistricting Manipulation 

  • Jack Abramoff Defrauding his Indian Tribe Clients and Bribing Public Officials

  • Whistle-Blower Reveals Tobacco Industry Corruption