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FYS: Embiggening Minds Through Satire: Lessons from The Simpsons: Start Here

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The Simpsons: Embiggening Minds Through Satire

What can Maggie Simpson teach us about personal freedom? Is Homer Simpson a 2nd amendment crusader? Is alcohol “the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems?”  “As the longest running television show in American history, The Simpsons has tackled myriad political, social, and cultural issues. By using humor, the residents of Springfield have illuminated our understanding through the lens of satire for the past 27 years.

This seminar will explore the role satire plays in incorporating complex issues into our social consciousness. Other media, including Family Guy, Weird Al Yankovich, and The Onion will also be explored.

How Subject Headings are Useful

Subject Headings are very specific categories assigned to resources. They constitute a closed vocabulary, meaning they are terms and combinations of terms created by librarians at the Library of Congress that describe the content of materials. In WorldCat Local, if you click on a subject heading, you will retrieve a list of other items in the catalog that also have that heading. It's one way to do research. 

Here are some relevant Subject Headings in our catalog:

  • Simpsons (Television program)
  • Simpsons -- Television program.
  • Intertextuality.
  • Parody.
  • Satire.
  • Animated television programs -- United States.

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