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WorldCat How-to: Basic Search

Worldcat@SU is Southwestern's Smith Library Center catalog. You can search for items in our collection as well as materials in thousands of other libraries.

Basic search

You can select other editions and formats to see if there are earlier or more current versions. Also, you can see if there is a different version, like an eBook. Please note that some books we have in the library may be an older versions whereas the eBook is more current.

After selecting view all formats, you will be able to see the different formats of an item. As you can see here, there are both a book and an eBook available at the SLC.

The following filters are located to the LEFT of every list of search results. They can help you narrow a search that has too many results or too many irrelevant results.  When there are many options for limiting in a category (usually seen with the topic and author limiters) only some will initially display. Click "show more" to see additional options.


Available online:  Limit results to include only full text articles available online 



Format:  Limit results to include only the formats you select.  The number in parentheses indicates which how many of the total results listed are articles, books, ebooks, etc.















Author:  Limit results to include only works by a specific author.  The number in parentheses indicates how many works included in the results are by a given author, and clicking on the hyperlinked name will show a list of books by that author. 



Year:  Limit by the year of publication.  The number in parentheses indicates how many works included in the results were published in a given year.



Language:  Limit results to include only works in a particular language. 




Content:  Limit results to include only works of a certain category (e.g., fiction, non-fiction, dissertations, etc.)






Audience: Limiting to  "non-Juvenile” will remove any materials that are not college-level.  


Topic:  Limit results to include only works on a particular topic.  Clicking on a topic will allow a user to drill down to a more specific level of subtopics contained within the broader topic.  (NOTE:  the topics included in this limiter are not the same as subject headings--they are broad topics developed by OCLC to organize search results.)  


descriptions courtesy of North Central University Library

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Searching the library v. searching worldwide

The catalog contains all of the physical items owned by the Smith Library Center, but it also includes many of our electronic resources like ebooks and journal articles.The default search option is set to "Libraries Worldwide," which will include books from other libraries in your search results. 

You can limit it to Southwestern University A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center in two ways:

1. After you enter the search word, select "Southwestern University A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center" from the dropdown menu at the top of the page:


2. If you select advanced search instead of just a basic search, select "Southwestern University A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center" from the dropdown menu below the search box labeled "limit results to:"

Research Appointment

Librarians are available to help you find the articles, resources, and answers you need to get started on that paper or project! We can also help you look for obscure topics or locate books/articles not held in Smith Library's collections. Schedule a Research Appointment!

Basic Search tutorial

Basic Search